One of my favorite childhood memories

It was on my seventh birthday. I had been waiting that for more than two months. In our school, it was a tradition to distribute candies to all the kids in class and to all the teachers in the school.In general, the birthday kid would walk with one of her friends or a sibling carrying the candy box. The birthday child would take candy from the box and give it to each member of the class. There was so much pride in carrying that candy box. Usually kids picked their best friend or a sister or brother to carry the box. It was a stressful moment for kids who had multiple best friends.

It was a stressful moment for me, too. I told my best friends that my sister would carry the candy box on my birthday. They understood. I did not say which one of my sisters would carry it though.The day finally arrived. My dad bought coconut candies. Those were my favorites. Each candy was wrapped in transparent white and gold paper, and they came in a nice box. I woke up earlier than usual. My sisters were arguing about who should walk with me and carry the candy box. I told them to decide among themselves. They could not come to a consensus and asked me to pick one of them. It was a tough decision, and I did not want to disappoint either of them. So I decided to carry the candy box myself and informed my decision. I hid the box under the bed.

While my mom was washing my hair and dressing me up, my sisters Suja and Aruna were plotting behind my back. They talked with each other, and decided to distribute the candy with out me. They took the candy box and went to school. They told my teacher that I had a bad fever and could not attend school, and they wanted to distribute candies to my class kids on behalf of me. Suja, the older distributed the candies, while Aruna was carrying the box.

Meanwhile, I was dressed up by my mom and was waiting for my dad to come home. Since it was my birthday, I was allowed to go to school late. I looked under the bed, and could not find the candy box. I ran to mom and told her I could not find the box where I hid it before. My mom asked me to check all regular places, where I might have hid it. But I could not find the candy anywhere, and I started to cry. My dad told me that he would buy another of box candies for me.He took me to the store and bought another box of candy. My teacher was surprised to see me in school. She told me my sisters had said that I was sick and could attend school. I told her I was not sick and that they lied to her. She gave me permission to distribute candies. Every teacher I met that day in school was surprised I was not sick at all.

I was embarrassed that day. Later, whenever I think of this incident, it makes me laugh. Both of my sisters plotted and till this day I am amazed about their cleverness.

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